Ask Terry Questions Treasury Bills and the Debt Ceiling

Treasury Bills and the Debt Ceiling

By Terry Savage on January 10, 2023 | Wild Card

Greetings Ms. S.,

I am retired and have laddered most of my cash into short term Treasury Bills: 4-, 8-, 13-, and 26-week terms. I am concerned about the craziness that has infected our legislative branch of government in Washington.

Are you, yourself, concerned about the potential for the current Congress to fail to raise the debt ceiling come July of 2023?

Can you comment on the effect such failure would have on the Treasury as well as the US and global economies?

If you address any of my questions on WGN AM radio, please let me know when so that I may tune in.

Terry Says

I’m on every Wednesday at noon, so why don’t you call in and ask! That would be a great question.
My answer would be: worry about something else. They will raise the debt ceiling at the last minute!



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