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Treasury Notes

By Terry Savage on April 30, 2023 | Chicken Money

Beginners question. Last November 2022, after listening to you on WGN,I purchased something from I now have an account.
I just got a reinvestment request letter indicating it was processed. What does that mean? Is it the same funds I put in last year? No interest has posted. The amount is lower than what I put in. I THINK I purchased the Treasury bonds that you only have to hold for a short time. How do I determine what I bought? Thanks.

Terry Says

Go online to your account and look at your “holdings” — you’ll see the box after you log in.
You must have specified an automatic renewal. If that’s the case, you’ll see the original investment amount now in your “holdings” — and the interest will have been deposited in your linked bank account.

If you bought Series I bonds, those are a long term holding, and you won’t see much interest in there right now.
Read the two articles about t-bills and I=bonds on the front page of my website.



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