Ask Terry Questions Trust for handicapped child

Trust for handicapped child

By Terry Savage on September 16, 2018 | Wild Card

Terry, I am divorced and set-up a trust for my son who has learning disabilities. His father lives in another state and wanted to put money aside for him as well. He initially wanted to put money in the trust. However it is in my name until I die, and then becomes our son’s trust. Also I am supposing that would impact me taxwise. He seems to be in a real dilemma about how to put any money aside for our son. We have two daughters who are my executors. But he doesn’t seem to want any funds to go to them. Do you have any suggestions for him? Thank you

Terry Says

I have the perfect answer for you. You need to know about Mary Ann Ehlert, a Certified Financial Planner, who specializes in these issues. Her website is I’ve known Mary Anne for many, many years. She has created an entire community for people with children who will need ongoing care but would lose important benefits if money winds up in their name. I’m sure you will find your answers here — or with her team of expert financial planners, all of whom specialize in these kinds of issues.



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