Ask Terry Questions Turbo Tax vs IRS Silliness…

Turbo Tax vs IRS Silliness…

By Terry Savage on April 22, 2024 | Taxes & Economy

Turbo tax efile.
Refund approved and expected by turbo tax by expected date in early Feb.
IRS where’s my refund page has no updates. Calling the IRS gets me the same intel.
It’s 4227$. I have not received a notification of a discrepancy or audit. I had to print and mail Illinois return for 38$,. The State cashed it.
I have no dependents or tax issues.
I was asked and received paperwork from what I assume is the IRS verifying my Identity.
My Bank accounts and IRA stuff is cool.
If it was approved in January? The Deal with Turbotax was that the fees would come from the Federal Return which was never issued.
4 months later? No refund. Monies taken from my bank account for Services Guaranteed.
I Filed Early, trying to clear my desk and get the year rolling. Now I have to dip into my IRA to stay alive.
I cant get a straight answer. Good or Bad.

Terry Says

Uh oh — I hope you weren’t the victim of a scam, with the IRS “verification” response.
Immediately contact the office of Taxpayer Assistance by filing form 911. Here is a link:

In the meantime, keep calling the IRS at 800-829-1040 — keep asking to “report fraud.”
That will get them to look at your account.

AND, have you contacted TurboTax to see if there was a breach? If not, please reply to the email you receive saying your question has been answered, and give me your, name, address, and best telephone contact. Do NOT give me your SS number! Just tell the story, and which version of TT you used, and when the fee was deducted from your bank account. Give me the entire story and I’ll pass it on to mycontact at TT.



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