Ask Terry Questions U.S. Savings Bonds at Death

U.S. Savings Bonds at Death

By Terry Savage on January 31, 2024 | Chicken Money

My mother bought U.S. savings bonds which showed being issued to her or my brother. They were for her retirement or to be given to my brother upon her passing. Unfortunately both my mother and brother passed away at the end of last year. How do we go about getting these bonds cashed to pay for their various bills?

Terry Says

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You have to send them in by registered mail to the government, and if both have passed you might need a death certificate for both, and your probate lawyer can give you the appropriate document to show you are executor of the estate. It takes about 6 weeks to process, so you likely will have to use other funds to pay funeral costs.

When you say “bills”, you know that credit card balances and medical bills are “unsecured” and typically die with the passing of the individual. Again, ask your probate attorney —



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