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UHC stocks — when to sell

By Terry Savage on November 07, 2022 | Investments

I worked for UHC and received stocks as part of an employee program. I am receive social security now and receive dividends also. I have worked with 2 different financial advisors lately and each one advises selling the stocks. I don’t know which is best/most advisable – to keep or to sell. A coworker/friend of mine said she sold all her stocks long ago. Am I being silly to not sell the stocks and just take the dividends.
Thank you . You were so kind to me recently but I don’t want to be a pest.

Terry Says

Well, let’s not be specific about that one stock, but a lot goes into that decision.
First, is it your ONLY stockholding?
How great a percentage is it of all your wealth?
How is the rest of your money/savings invested?
Do you intend to spend it during your lifetime — or are you hoping to leave it to your children? (If so, they would avoid ALL taxes on the gains under current law).

If you write back and respond those questions, you could get a more specific answer.



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