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By Terry Savage on June 30, 2020 | Wild Card

I was furloughed on April 5 I started collecting unemployment and now I’ve been told effective August 28 I am being laid off do I start collecting unemployment again effective August 28 or does it just continue from April 5, also they are giving me two weeks separation pay on August 28. What is the difference in furloughed and permanent laid off? Thank You for your help

Terry Says

So it’s a bit unclear whether you are still off work? If you are not receiving any wages, then you keep certifying that you are unemployed and willing to work. That way you’ll keep receiving benefits, which include the $600/week extra payment.
No one knows if that will be extended beyond July 31st.

As long as you are not paid, keep certifying. You have 39 weeks of basic benefits coming.
If your unemployment is interrupted with some paying work from the same company, you’ll have to file a new claim because they will consider it a “new date of separation.”
And yes, if you get two week of pay in late August, that will be considered employment income and so you’ll have to start all over with a new claim — getting whatever weeks of benefits are still left for you (and whatever additional Federal benefits might be in effect at that point).



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