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unemployment benefits

By Terry Savage on June 21, 2020 | Wild Card

My husband is semi-retired and is collecting a pension from the Steelworkers Union since 2017. He has been able to still work 39 1/2 hours per month for the same union, which puts in the tradeshows at McCormick Place. Obviously because of the covid 19 shut down, he has lost that part-time income and applied for unemployment benefits but were denied because of the monthly pension, stating “the retirement pay is disqualifying income because it was paid by the employer for which he performed services” (820 ILCS 405/611A1 and 56 Ill Adm. Code 2920.70). He hopes that the same won’t happen when he applies for the PUA . Why is a monthly pension disqualifying just because it is labeled “pension”? If he was earning that same amount of income from his job, and he wasn’t “retired”, would he be approved for the unemployment benefits?

Terry Says

Yes, that’s a quirk in the law. If he is working part time for the previous employer, he doesn’t qualify for unemployment. And I doubt he will get PUA either on the same basis. Sorry, you just got caught in the technicalities of the law.



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