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Unemployment Benefits

By Terry Savage on March 25, 2020 | Wild Card

My husband was working a full time job and a part time job. His full time job is considered essential so he is still employed full time, however his part time job laid him off temporarily due to their closure. Question can he collect any unemployment benefits from his part time job? He works in IL and has been employed there for 14 years. When the notice came out the owner attached the link to unemployment. Thank you very much.

Terry Says

I’m not the best judge of this, but he is entitled to claim the benefits if he is unemployed. If they ever review his claim, after getting benefits, he might be asked to repay. But since he is out of “that work” no reason why he shouldn’t be able to go ahead claim on that job at this time. Not sure, but I don’t think the claim asks about “other employment” or income such as retirement benefits. And since the state of Illinois is basically shut down, I couldn’t find an expert to ask! So give it a try!
And here is a link to the state unemployment website, assuming you don’t have it.



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