Ask Terry Questions Unemployment Eligibility

Unemployment Eligibility

By Terry Savage on July 12, 2020 | Wild Card

I have 2 part time jobs. One of them is with a Chicago sports team, the other allows between 8 and 12 hours a week. Since I’m not working baseball games this year, do I qualify for unemployment?

Terry Says

They will base your unemployment eligibility on last year’s earnings. If you earned at least $1600 last year, and if the second-highest quarter you earned at least $440, you should apply. But they might not grant you a monthly payment based on BOTH jobs. YOu’ll have to input your current income to see if it was reduced enough to qualify. Go ahead and try — because if you apply based on the date you lost the one job, you may qualify for the extra $600/week retroactive to your loss of employment.



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