Ask Terry Questions unemployment for LLC owners

unemployment for LLC owners

By Terry Savage on October 26, 2023 | Wild Card

I am 60 and on SSDI. My wife is 56 and has a number of physical issues.
We live in the Chicago suburbs and own a small travel agency which is set up as an LLC.
In June 2022 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatments, thus lowering her strength and abilty to physically do much aroun the house or work with me running the LLC.
Can she or could she have applied for Unemployemnt in the State of Illinois?
Did we miss this opportunity?

Terry Says

It’s a long-shot, but she can definitely try to file for unemployment in the state. Each state has its own rules, and those depend on how much income she earned or profits the LLC declared. And I doubt your LLC paid into the state’s unemployment fund. But give it a try, and see how it works out.
Here’s a link to get started:

And please do write back and let me know how it works out. My best wishes to your wife.



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