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Unemployment from one of two jobs

By Terry Savage on May 29, 2020 | Wild Card

Im working 2 jobs. Because of Covid, I lost 1 job and the other cut my hours. Because im still working the one job, the application just said this was my current job and the one i lost was my previous job. I couldnt receive any unemployment because Im still working. I know there is such a thing as partial unemployment. How do i apply for that?

Terry Says

There IS partial unemployment, or benefits if your wages have been reduced from one company. But this is a tricky situation that many people who hold two jobs have run into. If you are still making your full wages from one job, it is considered YOUR job and no adjustments are made. This holds true for people who had their own self-employment small biz on the side, but are shut down. If they still have the primary job, they can’t get benefits for lost income from the side job via PUA.
Of course, if there were a live person at IDES you could try to plead your case. But that is not the case now. Still try to file an online claim so that maybe when things open up you can get a hearing, and possible back benefits.



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