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Unemployment Insurance Scam

By Terry Savage on June 24, 2020 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,

I listen to you all the time on WGN radio and appreciate your insights.

I am currently employed within the State of IL and recently received a letter from the IDES showing an Internet filing of unemployment. Just prior to receiving the letter, my company (a New York firm) checked if I filed, and reportedly denied the claim. The letter came within days of the correspondence with my company. A bank card came the same day of the letter.

Like many of your listeners, I cannot raise anybody in the State to help stop any payments.

My question is, I don’t quite understand how the thieves plan to get hold of the money. Also, any steps I should take to ease further problems? I am in the process of working with LifeLock.

Thanks for all you do!

Terry Says

Wow — that’s scary! Consumer groups have been warning about scams — but this one has the potential to be very expensive to the state. I will pass this on to the governor’s office — but not give your name. I think they might want to know about this — even though they have closed their eyes to all the pleas from people who are not getting their money!!



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