Ask Terry Questions Unemployment not filed, now back to work

Unemployment not filed, now back to work

By Terry Savage on June 21, 2020 | Wild Card

Apologies if you have already covered this somewhere already.I am a nail technician.I have not been able to work since March 17. We started back May 29 to brave clients.I have been trying to get Unemployment but can’t seem to negotiate the website and can’t get through on the phone.Should I keep trying for the benefits or drop it?

Terry Says

The problem is that you’ll now have to say that you’re back at work – -and you will get caught in the mess that is the unemployment department in Illinois! It will drive you crazy — and I have no idea when they will get around to paying retroactive benefits — if ever — to people who did not apply earlier. YOu can try, but it is guaranteed to drive you crazy.



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