Ask Terry Questions Unemployment refund from IRS

Unemployment refund from IRS

By Terry Savage on January 21, 2023 | Wild Card

Hi Terry! There have been a few stories on the news about the IRS finally refunding those of us who are owed for overpaying on our taxes while unemployed in 2020. I never received anything automatically. Will I now? Or do I have to fill out an amended form?

Terry Says

These instructions from the IRS:

IRS completes automatic corrections of tax year 2020 accounts related to unemployment compensation exclusion; 12 million refunds issued | Internal Revenue Service

Although as noted below, we updated our FAQs on this issue, several weeks ago, to, among other things, indicate that we had completed all adjustments, this release makes that point, more explicitly, as well as providing stats.

If you get further inquiries from readers, I would still advise checking Where’s My Refund?, first, to confirm that no unemployment-related refund was ever issued. If it was, use the Form 3911 lost refund claim procedure. If it wasn’t, file Form 1040-X.



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