Ask Terry Questions Use of variable annuities vs other options.

Use of variable annuities vs other options.

By Terry Savage on February 11, 2019 | Investments

I’ll be 65 yrs old in April and currently have a financial advisor who has placed $600k in two Jackson Annuities – Elite Access and Perspective II. When I retire in December of this year, I’ll have another $800k to invest. Befcore turning over the remains money for him to invest, are there other avenues I should explore or simply find a different advisor. Between my wife and I, we anticipate roughly $7k a month from pensions and SS. I welcome your general direction.

Terry Says

Oh, please don’t do that!  You’re setting up your advisor for retirement — not yourselves!  Here’s a link to an article I wrote recently on the subject of  tax-deferred variable annuities, sometimes called “indexed annuities“.

You are not dealing with an “advisor” — you are dealing with a salesperson!!!  Get an independent review of your annuities from my trusted expert:  Jeffrey Oster   (email:  Yes he is in the business, but I have known him for 35 years and trust him completely to tell you the truth about your annuities.

And if you need an overall financial plan, search for a FIDUCIARY advisor you can trust at  A fiduciary fully discloses all hidden fees and commissions, and promises to put your needs ahead of his/her own.

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