By Terry Savage on June 09, 2015 | Chicken Money

I have a 40 year old VALIC IRA fixed account paying 4.5%. ($4400 in it.) I also have 85,000 in an IRA with my broker just sitting in my account (against his wishes!) But as a 74 yr. old, should I move this money into VALIC. When I called VALIC, the woman told me they would lose money doing this but are obligated to honor this account because it is an individual account. I checked VALIC’s ratings and they are “A or A+, not AAA’s.

Terry Says:  If VALIC will accept this rollover, yes by all means do it!!  Just make sure the rollover will earn the same rate.  Let THEM handle the rollover so you aren’t taxed as a withdrawal.  By the way,  you should have been taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from both these accounts now that you are past age 70-1/2.  Be sure to discuss that with your VALIC representative.



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