Ask Terry Questions Value of mature series E bonds when cashing them in

Value of mature series E bonds when cashing them in

By Terry Savage on August 19, 2023 | Chicken Money

I’m in the process of cashing in the Series E bonds ($100 value) as they’ are maturing, that I accumulated while I was working. The last one is maturing in May 2025.

I’ve use the Treasury Direct website to determine the bonds value prior to cashing them.

In March the Jan and Feb bonds were valued at maturity at $207.36 per bond and I cashed them in.

Now when I checked the Mar through August bonds that I’m cashing this month they’re valued at $164.12 per bond.

Why is there such a difference in the maturity value of the bond between when I cashed the some in March and now cashing some in August?

This happened to me last year too when I was cashing the bonds and at that time I just accepted the result, but now I’m getting curious why I’m getting less interest for the remaining bonds I’m cashing within the same year.

They all were purchased through my employer at the time and were purchased for $50 with a mature redemption value of $100 and have an interest rate of 4%.

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Terry Says

I can only guess at the discrepancy, but it may be because you cashed in some just before the final interest payment. REad this for details on how to cash Series EE paper bonds.



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