Ask Terry Questions Value of old AT&T shares

Value of old AT&T shares

By Terry Savage on November 23, 2015 |

I have 2 AT&T stocks from NY gifted to me from 1967 and 1968. How can I find out what they are worth and what is required to cash them in?

Terry Says:  OK, this is going to be complicated because, of course, that original ATT stock was divided into five “baby bell” companies, and those companies subsequently merged.  You say you have “2” stocks — do you mean 2 shares?  If so, the original stock certificate probably has more value as a collector’s item than tracking down the fractional shares of the companies into which the original company morphed.   Here’s a link to the page on that show the value of old ATT certificates.

However if you have two “certificates” each with more than a few shares, I would start with by contacting the “transfer agent” — the bank named on the back of the certificates.

And here’s a link to the current AT&T investor relations website, which may help you if you choose to pursue this.

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