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Vanished Stocks

By Terry Savage on November 21, 2016 | Wild Card

Hello Terri, I saw you on WGN morning news the other day, and am trying to find my stocks from an old job, I was receiving statements and heard you talking and thought Id look. I havent received a statement in quite some time and signed into the AST website and it states that they surrender my stocks on 2/12/15. I have a statement from 2/6/2015 that shows my shares? What can I do?

Terry Says

Oh my goodness.  Your shares were likely "escheated" to the state because of no activity in the account.  If you saw me on WGN-TV you likely live in Illinois.   Here is the website to search under the name on the shares.  Click on the link to search.  And please post again and let me know if you've found the money.  They likely sold the shares, and kept the cash for you -- meaning you lost the opportunity to pay any taxes at the capital gains rates.   But please let me know the results of your search. If you want to know why/how this happened, please read this recent column I wrote on the subject.



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