Ask Terry Questions Very old CD’s

Very old CD’s

By Terry Savage on November 04, 2023 | Wild Card

My husband recently passed unexpectedly. In going through old paperwork I came across 4 Certificates of Deposit that were given to us as wedding gifts for $500.00 each. 2 are dated April of 1984 and 2 are dated April of 1986. They were issued by Center Bank, which doesn’t exist any more. My son has tried to research them on line at the and iCash sites with no luck. Are there any other options to try to cash them or are they just lost money? Thank you so much and fingers crossed. I could use the 2K! 🙂

Terry Says

Assuming you are Illinois residents, start here:

If residents of another state, contact your state treasurer’s office for unclaimed property andcash. It’s a long shot after all these years. But do let me know if you find anything!



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