Ask Terry Questions My wealth accounts — sell now?

My wealth accounts — sell now?

By Terry Savage on January 14, 2016 | Investments

Hi Terry, Love hearing you on WGN. I’m a 71 yr. old retired single male. I have accounts with Ameriprise and TD Ameritrade which are both ” Diversified ” to reflect a low to medium risk tolerance according to both my advisors. I haven’t been real happy with the performance of either of these ” High End Firms “. what with the fees and such. I’ve about had it with the stock and bond markets waiting TOOO long for them to ” RECOVER ” after ALL the adjustments in the last years. I’m no professional at wealth management but, I’m wondering ” is there a way I can transfer all these accounts into something that I might manage myself without paying withdrawal fees and the such ? I’ve thought of changing these accounts all to cash and out of risk entirely although I know there’s little to no return on your money in that way. I respect your view on what’s happening in the world today and your knowledge of finances. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks

Terry Says:  Sorry I didn’t get to answer this a week ago, though the answer would be the same.  There’s an old saying in the markets:  Sell down to the Sleeping Point!   It’s not too late to do that, if you won’t look back and regret it.  Over the long run — 20 years or more — stocks have always been a good investment.  At 71 that long run looks shorter!



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