Ask Terry Questions WEP? On foreign pension income??

WEP? On foreign pension income??

By Terry Savage on November 14, 2023 | Wild Card

Due to all the inconsistent information coming from Social Security lately, my husband and I are trying to educate ourselves before we apply for his benefits. We have been unable to find any information about this particular topic based on his past work history. We even asked our financial advisor and tax preparation agent, but they are not entirely experienced with international related issues.
He holds dual citizenship–UK and USA. He lived and worked in the UK until 1995. He kept paying into the UK state pension, for which he now receives a state pension, which is deposited into a UK bank account. He also receives two small work pensions through his former UK company, also paid into a UK bank account. He began working in the US in the mid 1990s and retired after 27 years with his US employer. He delayed taking Social Security until age 70, which will be in early 2024.
We have seen some articles about WEP, but we are unsure if this will affect his SS benefits. If it does, which of his UK pensions (state or work) affect his SS benefits? Is there a deduction of a certain percentage? Is there a maximum that they are allowed to deduct?
Also, is there a way to find a certified Social Security advisor for any future issues? Even if we need to pay them a fee, we feel it may benefit us in the long run if they can provide us with facts and figures before we reach out to Social Security.
Any information, or advice, that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Terry Says

Social Security is messed up. Check our new website:

And the reason I point that out is that one of the horror stories in our new book revolves around SS declaring a WEP offset for a FOREIGN pension. That is NOT supposed to happen– but created quite a mess when they did it.

I recommend immediately that you go to my co-author’s website: to get your answers and some personal help. And do it NOW, well before all this comes into play!



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