Ask Terry Questions What should I invest in?

What should I invest in?

By Terry Savage on November 21, 2013 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry,
I am 63 yr old widow with grown children. My home is paid for and I am taking a buyout from my work in Jan. I am selling a condo I own ( not my own residence) and will have approx. $100,000 that I need to invest in something that I can draw some income. I do plan on finding some other work, but I have to generate some extra income. I have about $400,000 in a retirement account. Thank you for any suggestions.

Terry Says:  Understand this carefully:  There is NO way you can earn any income on this money without taking on significant RISK of LOSS!  Today, short term CDs pay less than one quarter of one percent.  Your money belongs in a bank — unless you can take risk of loss!   Yes, definitely figure out a way to earn more, because you have “chicken money” — money you cannot afford to lose.  And don’t let anyone talk you into anything but short-term CDs.

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