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What to do with IRA withdrawals

By Terry Savage on June 29, 2020 |

My parents (81 & 83) are forced to take out $22,000 each year out of their 401k. They normally just put the money in their bank which does not make them any interest. They would like to put this money somewhere, where it would make them some money. Possibly a CD or IRA? What would you suggest?

Terry Says

First, they aren’t FORCED to take money out in 2020. There is no required minimum distribution in 2020. So if they did take money out and don’t need it, they can put it right back in — as long as they do it before August 31st.

Next year when they are required to take out a 2021 distribution (presumably the RMD will return) they can do whatever they want with the money. BUT, since they don’t have “earned income” they cannot put the money in an IRA.

Let the money pile up in a low-yielding CD. You have no idea how much money they will needif either of them requires home care. Or spend some of the money updating their estate plan to a Revocable Living Trust. Then you’ll change the CDs into the name of the trust — so you can act if they are incapacitated.
If all this is new to you, I suggest going on Amazon and getting a copy of the new edition of The Savage Truth on Money. It costs about $12 and will explain all of this to you!

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