Ask Terry Questions When to start using my retirement

When to start using my retirement

By Terry Savage on May 07, 2024 | Wild Card

I’m retired and suddenly am having difficulty making making ends meet. I have $100+ thousand in my retirement IRA. It seems like a simple question, but my IRA advisor made the answer complicated. If I’m suffering financially, shouldn’t I begin to collect my lifetime annuity? The advisor was too focused on how to manage the money.

Terry Says

For sure, the advisor wants to hang on to your money!  That makes me worry about how your IRA is invested!

Please write back tothe email you receive saying your question was answered. Give me some more details about your situation.  For starters, how old are you? Are you collecting Social Security?  Do you own your home, or are you planning to move?   I’d need more info to advise you.

And if you can please take a picture of your most recent IRA statement and attach it to the email.



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