Ask Terry Questions Widow Didn’t receive a Stimulus Check

Widow Didn’t receive a Stimulus Check

By Terry Savage on July 12, 2020 | Wild Card

I received a refund check for my 2019 tax return but haven’t gotten the stimulus check. I’m retired on SS. My husband passed away in 2019 so when I filed my tax return I had to put in his info too. Our agi for the 2019 tax year was under $90,000. Everyone I know has already gotten a check. I’ve put in the info on the IRS where’s my check website but it says info doesn’t match their records.

Thanks for your help.

Terry Says

At this point, there is no way to contact the IRS about “missing” stimulus checks, since they say they are still sending them out. But given your situation, you should have received it.
If they are sending a check –either by mail or direct deposit — the must, by law, send you a letter within 15 days informing you of how it was sent. So I assume you haven’t received that letter either.

Try filing this form with the IRS:

As a last resort, you can claim that amount when you file your tax return next April for 2020.
And I’m going to copy your question and ask my IRS contact. If I have an update, I will contact you. Actually, I have heard from several widows in your position. I’m wondering whether the IRS is belatedly “getting tough” re stimulus checks where one person is deceased. I will definitely follow through.



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