Ask Terry Questions Widowers Social Security benefits

Widowers Social Security benefits

By Terry Savage on February 13, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

In May 2021 I received a letter from Social Secretary stating I owe $88,734 dollars because I was not entitled to my husbands benefits because I collect a pension I went through all the process with the SS Office brought in all documents that were needed by them and nothing was ever told to me by them that I was not able to collect. I filed an appeal but never heard from them until now!
I have talked to lawyers and people who say that they have made a mistake. I worked for CHicago Board of Education as a school clerk and retired banking on this income for Medicare and secondary insurance. Paying out of my pension for these now. There is more but I thought you could send me in the right direction
Everyone that I have spoken to says they never heard of such a thing
They were receiving everything they ever needed from me. Now this happens
Please help if you can. I’m 73 and have health issues now
Thank you

Terry Says

Well, it happens a lot more frequently than many think — SS gets it wrong a LOT. This “pension offset” thing is complicated. I will copy your email and send it to the team from Laurence Kotlikoff — home of Let’s see if they can help you sort this out!

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