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Widow’s Guide

By Terry Savage on March 01, 2024 | Wild Card

This is a comment rather than a question. My wife and I will soon celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. From the beginning of our marriage, I knew that it was important to protect her financially if I was not around. As most young couples, we began our marriage with nothing to our name. For many years, I protected her with life insurance. But as we became more prosperous and life insurance became too expensive, I found other ways to protect us(her) in the future. We are now retired and our income from 14 different streams, including pensions, annuities, IRAs, SS, and other non qualified investment accounts, is twice what our income was when we both worked full time. No management is required so she doesn’t need to be concerned about maintaining income if I’m not around. I grew up poor so I know what that’s like. My wife grew up in a comfortable middle class family. I never wanted her to experience poverty especially in old age. Discipline, Persistence, Knowledge, Experience and most importantly,
Time. Thanks again for the wonderful knowledge that you have shared over the years! I want you to know that you have been a part of our journey. I bonds, treasuries and Chicken Money in a Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund paying 5.27%!

Terry Says

That’s so great to hear. But you didn’t mention a will or Revocable Living Trust!???
I assume you took care of that too. Now, do me one favor. Use this link to print out my Personal Financial Organizer form so she knows exactly where everything is!!



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