Ask Terry Questions Will reits go away anytime soon?

Will reits go away anytime soon?

By Terry Savage on September 15, 2014 | Housing / Real Estate

Will reits go away anytime soon? And if so, why?
Thank you.

Terry Says: REITS are Real Estate Investment Trusts — a concept created in the 1960s to allow owners of real estate to securitize their assets — but only if they pass 90 percent of their income on to shareholders in the form of dividends (and a partial return of investment if properties are sold).   There are now literally trillions of dollars worth of real estate equity in these securities — and I can not imagine that the tax code would be changed to prohibit them.

There are all types of REITS – – some specialize in office properties, or hotels, or industrial warehouses — the list is endless.  And each has different risks, though most typically have far higher yields than you could get in insured deposit accounts in a bank.   Think back to 9/11 — when no one could travel.  Hotels lost money instantly — and the share prices of hotel REITS fell sharply.  Office REITS are less volatile, because leases are longer.  But a prolonged economic slowdown did impact their shares.

To learn every you want to know about REITS go to — an informative website sponsored by NAREIT, the national trade group.   There you’ll also find a searchable directory of REITS in ever category.




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