By Terry Savage on January 25, 2020 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I want to make will I have 1.5 million I am65 how much it cost any name for lawyer

Terry Says

If you have that much money, or assets, you probably want a Revocable Living Trust instead of a standard will. Lately I’ve been referring everyone to my book — no to sell books, but my new book has extensive coverage of this issue. So click the link at my website or search my columns for my most recent one on the topic of estate planning.

A lot of the cost depends on the complexity of your situation, the need to move assets or retitle them, and where you live! So I can’t give a price, but with that amount of assets I would imagine you will pay at least $2500. To search for an estate planning attorney specialist go to www.search-attorneys.com, by clicking this link. It is the website of the estate planning legal profession.

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