By Terry Savage on March 29, 2024 | Wild Card

After my first year of retirement from teaching, I received a letter saying I owed overdo $5,000 to Social Security. I taught until I was 74, so was getting my full amount. Then they said because of the Windfall… I had been over paid. I paid it back. Just wondering, if I have any recourse on that. Now I am getting what they determine to be my SS amount, because of Illinois being a Windfall State. Thank you

Terry Says

It’s not just Illinois public employees that are subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision. It’s all public employees who are covered by public pensions.
It doesn’t look like there will be any recourse for people who paid back the demands of Social Security for their overpayments. They made those errors because their systems didn’t track your 1099s from your public pension, allowing them to reduce your benefit because of the WEP. You’re not alone.



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