Ask Terry Questions Your WGN segment on Women and Money

Your WGN segment on Women and Money

By Terry Savage on November 11, 2013 | Wild Card

Terry, I watched your segment on WGN Monday morning. Lucky for me, I had worked early in the morning and was able to see the show. I was interested to hear the things you had to say about women being safe with their money and how to take care of themselves and their family financially should an unexpected situation occur, and especially, even if you are happily married. I am 23 and very blessed to be in a serious relationship where money, finances and the future are openly discussed on a daily basis. However, a very important woman in my life was not so fortunate in a very unpleasant way and has ALWAYS expressed to me the importance of being financially independent even in a relationship.

Although she has stated these things,her situation has not given me very specific examples of understanding what to do. Your segment provided some easy and knowledgable examples of things all women should do to take care of themselves and gave me a greater understanding of the steps my significant other and I can come to understand about our own financial independence. So with that, as the plans of marriage are within the very near future for me, what would you say is the most important thing you would like to have been aware of when you were starting out. I am a career woman, who would be happy becoming a stay at home mom too. I work very hard, holding down two jobs and completing a double associates, so finances are on my mind constantly. Thank you for your time and for what you had to say this morning on the news. The world needs more strong women like you. Thank you!

SAVAGE SAYS: Thanks so much; your note really made my day!  I know that a lot of young people have these questions, whether getting married or living together.  That’s why I have collaborated on a new book that will be out this spring, with two other strong women.  One is Gemma Allen, prominent divorce attorney, and the other is Judge Michele Lowrance who has spent 18 years on the bench in divorce court.  The book is called:  The New Love Deal.  And it has specific instructions for all the issues you raise.  So if your wedding is sooner than Valentine’s Day (when the book is expected to be published — and believe me your will see a lot of publicity and an announcement on — then send me an email now at and I will send you the chapter that specifically applies to your situation!



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