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It’s Not Over Yet

By Terry Savage on March 25, 2020

As we approach the market opening on Wednesday, it’s obvious that the market is still trying to make up its mind about whether our problems — the economic ones — are “solved” by this new agreement.

The details are slowly coming out, but clearly there is going to be a LOT of money thrown at the problem, once you combine this agreement with the Fed’s promise of almost unlimited liquidity.

BUT — there remains a lot of uncertainty, beyond the provisions of this agreement. Now the market will start looking ahead — and noticing the great division among our leaders, sowing uncertainty for everyone. Will the economy be open and running by Easter? If various quarantines are lifted, will people go back to work and socializing? Will that trigger another, deeper round of infection — and yet another more serious level of pandemic and economic downturn?

It’s amazing to me that our leaders are debating any of the above. But it’s happening. And the markets are watching. And that’s why I’m saying: It’s not over yet! Uncertainty breeds volatility.

So if you have money on the sidelines, safely in a money market fund or CDs, please don’t try to pick the market “bottom” — or specific stocks to buy now. Even the pros disagree. This is not a game to be played with your life savings.

Yes, eventually things — the economy, the markets — will come back. So leave that long-term investment money invested in your diversified stock funds. And keep your “chicken money” nestegg unscrambled. Please. It’s definitely not over!



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