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Free Credit Freeze for All

September 18, 2018

More than a year has passed since the massive data breach at Equifax that put highly sensitive information about 148 million Americans at risk. It sent many people scrambling to “freeze” their credit reports or place fraud alerts and subscribe to credit monitoring services. No major criminal use of that data has been reported in..

Financial Match-making Service

September 11, 2018

Could I match you up with a financial adviser you could trust — one who would give good investment and planning advice — and who would put your interests first and fully reveal all incentives, fees, costs and commissions? In other words, could I hook you up with a true fiduciary who has a long..

How to Save for College

September 05, 2018

Last week I wrote about the importance of having a family discussion about the realities of college costs. The time to do that is when your child starts high school. That’s when you can set realistic expectations about the costs of college, the impact on the family’s finances, and what children can reasonably expect in..

Re-Thinking College Costs

August 28, 2018

Now that students are back in school, it’s time for parents (and grandparents) to take a breath and gain some perspective on the costs and benefits of a college education. Yes, college will pay off in the long run. But you may be doing yourselves and your children a disservice with magical thinking about how..

Is Your Estate Planned?

August 21, 2018

If only we could stretch out summer — and our lives. But while the approach of autumn is fairly predictable — heralded by back-to-school signs in every store — our life expectancy is subject to the whims of fate or a higher power. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. And in..

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

August 09, 2018

Short-term health insurance policies have just become more attractive, thanks to a federal rule change that now allows policies to be sold for almost a full year and possibly be extended for as long as 36 months. These short-term insurance policies are a great solution for anyone between jobs or who doesn’t have insurance coverage..



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