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Below you will find the columns terry has written by date.

Fed Acts. but Congress Delays (3/23 Pre-open comments))

March 23, 2020

While Congress is still trying to get its act together, the Fed basically opened the spigots to help small businesses stay in business. Great news! Instead of the market opening down more than 600 points, it now appears the market will open up a similar amount on this good news. Now Congress must act swiftly..

Here We Go Again!

As we enter the third week of financial chaos, the market is still facing a lack of data –and that is triggering yet another sell-off. We still don’t know the extent of the spread of this dread disease, but we can extrapolate. And we are getting a better handle on the economic impact, which will..

Terry’s Response to Your Questions

March 20, 2020

Thanks for all your questions. As you can imagine, I’ve been overwhelmed with individual questions about specific investments. It would be impossible and unprofessional of me to try to answer them without knowing more details. And that is impossible. So this message is directed at those who get no advice because they are in 401(k)..

Dialing for Dollars (pre-open 3/19)

March 19, 2020

Take a breath. The stock market has reached a level that is "average" for a bear market, a decline of about 30 percent from the peak. Now, we must look at two other numbers that could spiral out of control. The first is the number of new cases of Covid19 -- now that we have..

You Can’t Hide in Bonds

March 17, 2020

If you're feeling safer -- or even a bit superior -- because so much of your retirement fund is in bonds (or bond funds) paying a nice yield, you might want to take a closer look. Bond prices are falling sharply -- all categories of bonds from corporate to municipal, from high quality to "junk"..

Mortgage Refi — Silver Lining?

March 16, 2020

The chance to refinance your mortgage could be the silver lining in the recent financial upheaval. Even before the Fed cut interest rates to zero, rates on 30-year fixed rate mortgages have remained stubbornly above 3 percent, although you can get a 15 year fixed-rate mortgage for 2.625 percent. Why are long-term mortgage rates so..



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