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Stimulus Check – Last Chance: Nov 21st!

By Terry Savage on September 23, 2020

Updated on 10/6 to reflect new, extended deadline of November 21st for registration.

The IRS is reaching out to approximately 9 million Americans who deserved a stimulus check but didn’t receive one, likely because they earn too little to have filed a tax return, and are not on other government benefits lists such as Social Security, Social Security Disability or SSI.

The IRS is diligently trying to tell people that didn’t get the $1200 stimulus (Economic Impact Payment) check that they have until October 15th NOVEMBER 21st to register. That includes registering for dependent children age 17 and under.

Click this link to register if you did not receive your stimulus:

The registration link gets you to both the English and Spanish version of the form.

Just remember, there are income limits to eligibility for the stimulus. You qualify for at least a partial stimulus if your 2018 or 2019 adjusted grossincome on a single return was below $99,000 — and $150,000 on a joint return.

However, if the IRS looked at your 2018 return with a higher income and denied a check, but you would have qualified based on your 2019 return, you are eligible for a check. You can claim it as a credit next April when you file your 2020 return.

Stimulus checks were denied to those behind on child support. Some of these people filed a joint return with a spouse, who was also denied a check. Contact the IRS if you are an “injured spouse” and deserved your own stimulus check but did not get it. YOu must submit Form 8379 to receive your payment.

Many college age children or dependent grandparents were denied stimulus checks because they were declared a dependent on an adult’s 2018 tax return. If that adult filed a subsequent 2019 tax return and NO LONGER DECLARED YOU AS A DEPENDENT, you can try filing the non-filer form at the link above.

And a reminder that AS OF THIS WRITING Congress has NOT agreed upon a second stimulus check.



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