my daughter has good credit and has a good condo on her own she plans to marry someone soon who has terrible credit and his house is in foreclosure bankruptcy has not paid on house in over a year . The condo is in her name.  What should she do to protect her assets before the marriage he wont finalize the bankruptcy. i am a concerned father her mom isnt concerned she says let them work it out . I got no help myself growing up i have no degree but i made sure my children did though thanks — a concerned father

Terry Says:  You should tell your daughter NOT to marry this man!  There is no way her good credit will be separate from his if they marry.  Let them live together in her condo.  But the minute she is married, she will find her credit ruined — sooner or later.  If she won’t listen to you, tell her to send me an email with her phone number and I will call and tell her in person!  My email is!

PS  It seems we are well past the era where bankruptcy carries a moral stigma.  But it is a factor in his character that she should understand.  She needs to know exactly WHY the bankruptcy was necessary.  Was it a spendthrift ex-wife or unavoidable medical bills?  That’s more understandable.  But if he is just an uncontrolled spender it will impact her life in more ways than one!

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