In your recent article "Sticker shock for long term care insurance", you stated that "Premiums were not increased for anyone over age 80". My question is was the reference to age 80 meant to be at the time they signed into the program, or is the "80" meant to be at the time of the 'horrendous" price increase? My rate raised from $$269.97 to $610.13 per month, and the increase for m wife went from $224.71 per month to $506.71. I am currently 82 and in December my wife will be 80, so you will understand the reason for my interest. Thanks. Dalton Jones

Terry Says:

Please see the answer to the other question just posted in this category.  My mistake — based on information given to me by my expert!  Yes, if you are over 80 you still get an increase — unless you purchase at over age 80 (which basically no one does!)  My expert, Phyllis Shelton who gave me the info is doing a mea culpa and individually advising all in this situation who send her their specific details. She will tell you your best choice. Reach her by email at:

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