My son is an expat living/working in China and while he has limited health coverage through his employer, I have been paying for a more comprehensive health insurance plan for my own piece of mind should he encounter some catastrophic event. Unfortunately since the implementation of Obamacare, these premiums have more than tripled. I am looking for a plan that can supplement his employers plan and provide coverage both in the U.S. and abroad should a major health issue arise, but have a reasonable premium. Any suggestions?

Terry Says:   I will give you two resources, but I am not aware of any insurance coverage that will cover someone living abroad.  In fact, I’d suggest that you re-read your own insurance to make sure that he is fully covered for care there, since he is living abroad on a full-time basis.  But go either to or  These are websites, but each has a toll-free number.  Call and ask to speak to an expert in this area.  It is certainly an arcane question– but I think either of these two great sites can get your the answer.  And, in fact, I’ll be interested to learn what you find out!

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