61- Retired – no debit cards – no mortgage or planning to get one- 2 credit cards – use as charge cards – Do you think freezing credit right thing for us ? Who and how do I contact ? Will this effect credit cards I already have?

Terry Says:   The idea of a credit FREEZE is that no one can open NEW credit in your name.  It does not affect your use of your exisiting credit cards.  It just means that if you are going to apply for another credit card, or a new job, or a new insurance policy, or refinance your mortgage, that the lender won’t be able to check your credit.  You can easily “lift” the freeze if you need to do any of those things.  If you’re not planning any of the above, it’s probably worth your while to freeze your credit.  If you had been a victim of identity theft, and had a police report, there would be no charge.   In the absence of such an event, you will pay a small charge, but it’s worth it if it protects you.  Go to www.AnnualCreditReport.com and see the links to each of the three bureaus.  You must freeze your credit at each one.