I received a letter that I opened a savings account at some credit union in Virginia (never been there).. I called there saying I didn't open anything and they had already locked the account and closed an attempt to open a credit card and savings account through them. They are investigating. I called Experian through annualcreditreport.com. I reviewed one of my reports and shared with them the one about the credit union that I did not open. They will monitor for 90 days. What else do I need to do to ensure whoever has my info doesn't do something else?

Terry Says:

I honestly think this is a good time to subscribe to an identity theft prevention program like LifeLock.  They are supposed to monitor for NEW credit accounts opened using your name and Social Security number.  It’s a bit expensive, but since you’ve already been “put in play” by ID thieves, this is buyng peace of mind.  Also, continue to pull your credit report quarterly — you picked the right site.  And check your bank and card balances online on a regular basis — from a secure connection.