I have three NML insurance policies & all are paid up with quite high cash values, etc. I am retired & age 70.I have not paid any added premiums since it was paid up at age 65. I want to leave the proceeds to my 3 children when I die. Is NML a strong company & do I have to worry about added premiums down the road, like was mentioned on WGN radio on Jan 5,, 2016? thanks very much

Terry Says:   Northwestern Mutual is one of, if not THE, highest rated insurance companies!  You do not have to worry.  But, I would suggest you contact the company (likely through your agent) and ask a few questions.  First, make sure you have correctly named the beneficiaries — and that the way in which you have named them means they will each get an equal amount.  Second, make sure that your policy is “fully paid up” and that it will pay off — even if you live to be 100, or longer — without any additional payments.

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