I am 69, and have been experiencing chronic back and hip pain. I received ultrasound physical therapy last year but I think that I shall need more aggressive treatment and or surgery. I am interested in receiving treatment at a major university hospital health system in Chicago whose physicians accept Medicare but NONE of the Medicare Advantage programs offered in Illinois.

Based on out-of-network payment percentages, it seems logical for me to enroll in a Medigap Supplemental Insurance program and I have done the research. My question: are there any “gotchas” that I should be aware of? I may be moving out of the state midyear.

Also — I am currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage program. Does this mean that I need to enroll in Medicare Part D for 2016 to also be able to add a prescription drug insurance program?

Thank you.

Terry Says:  Act NOW!  Medicare open enrollment that allows you to switch from Medicare Advantage to a traditional Medicare program with supplement and Part D drug insurance, ends on DECEMBER 7th.    My suggestion to you:  Go immediately to www.eHealthMedicare.com — a private website that will work directly with you to choose the best supplement for your situation (and you have a chance now to get the best supplement available because you are switching back to traditional Medicare).

Or call eHealhMedicare at 888-296-0117 and talk directly to them.  They are trained, helpful, and don’t charge any extra commission.   But do this immediately as time is running out!

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