I saw this article (pasted below) and wondered is this good advise to not get supplemental insurance? Thank you.

Medicare Supplemental Policies: Do You Need One?
If you’re on Medicare or about to receive Medicare you might be wondering: “should I also get supplemental health insurance?” The truth is, if you get supplemental insurance for free (for example, from your former employer), then sure. Otherwise, if you have Medicare and buy a supplemental policy with your own money, you are effectively giving an insurance company your money so that they can keep it.

Terry Says:

Well, that article has one dangerous and potentially expensive flaw!  You DEFINITELY should sign up for a Medicare supplement immediately upon signing up for Medicare.  You cannot be turned down for the most comprehensive supplement policies for health reasons if you sign up within 6 months of qualifying for Medicare.  If you wait, you could find yourself unable to purchase a good supplement because of health issues.


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