Cannot remember which card you suggested to transfer existing debt and pay off in one year. Also, does it affect my credit rating to open another card? Should I close the previous card or keep it open and leave it a $0 balance?
Thanks for your help.

Terry Says:   Go to and click on balance transfer cards.  Here is a link to that section.   You can get the Chase card that promises zero interest for 15 months.  But don’t charge another penny on it.  And remember to make your transfer within 60 days of opening the new card.  This is your chance to really make a dent in that outstanding balance — without accruing new interest charges!

Part of your credit score is longevity of credit history.  So when you pay off that card just put it away and don’t use it for a year!   You’ll have to pay the annual fee, but the zero balance and paydown of the debt on your new card will all work to better your score.

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