What 529 plan are you recommending. I have read that you do not recommend Brightstart or College illinois. My son had very little colege debt, i would like my granddaughter to have the same advantage. Thank you

Terry Says:  I always put my money where my mouth is!  When my brother had a baby a few years ago, I opened a 529 account at Vanguard for my new nephew.  The costs are low, the performance is good — but you don’t get a deduction on your Illinois state income tax (and I’m assuming from  your question that you live in Illinois).  I would definitely NOT use the prepaid tuition CollegeIllinois plan — because I’m very concerned that the state might not be able to make good on its promises — considering the huge financial mess in Illinois.   To compare performance and costs of all 529 plans, go to www.SavingforCollege.com.

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