The home page of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit – with member agencies around the country. This non-profit and its member agencies are the only ones I recommend for advice, counseling, debt repayment plans. When you get to the home page, click on “Take the First Step” to search for your nearest local agency. Or call 800-388-2227.


Search for the best card based on rates, annual fees, rewards, your credit history, also “secured cards” – the way to start building a credit history by making a deposit to a savings account, which becomes your credit line for a standard Visa.

Annual Credit Report

This is the website to get your free annual credit report from each of the three major bureaus. Just click on the links to the bureaus, and space your reports throughout the year.

Low Cards

Another great site to compare credit card rates, find the best deals for your situation, and get special offers.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Federal government’s new (March, 2012) site for consumers to get info, ask questions, post stories, and file complaints on a wide variety of financial topics from student loans to mortgages to credit cards. Be sure to read their latest reports and stay informed.

Four Great Sites for Credit Card Info

Looking to maximize the rewards you earn on your credit cards to get the things you want most? Use these sites to do your research: