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Warren Buffett is bullish on America’s future

October 27, 2011

Warren Buffett is bullish on America — and bullish on the stock market. And he's putting his money where his mouth is — buying stocks and companies! http://youtu.be/L9uco3L1dYU I interviewed Buffett at a benefit that raised more than $1 million for Junior Achievement of Chicago. The audience of Chicago executives included several from Marmon Group,..

CollegeIllinois’ promise of tuition benefits looks iffy

March 13, 2011

The recent revelations about the State of Illinois' prepaid tuition program, CollegeIllinois, are troubling - but not totally unexpected. Every "defined benefit" investment program has shown losses over the past few years. But most plans have a longer time horizon than this program, which is supposed to pay out tuition benefits within 18 years or..

Battered investors tired of hearing recession over

November 02, 2009

The American public is starting to get more than mildly annoyed at those who tell them the economy is bouncing back. For every economist or politician who tells you the recession is over, there are a dozen people who think we're in the midst of a depression. For every administration official who points to the..

No closing your eyes during this bumpy market ride

September 23, 2008

All of the financial markets are on a roller coaster. The strategy for roller coasters is to fasten your seat belt, close your eyes, and scream. That won't work for the stock market. The markets don't know how to price securities for more than an instant because the facts and possibilities change every moment. The..

TurboTax feature warns of audits

February 11, 2008

Who doesn't dread opening a letter from the IRS?  If you know it's not a refund check, it probably means an AUDIT!  Even if you're the most honest taxpayer in the country, you don't want to be in a disagreement with the IRS. And the IRS is getting tougher. In 2007, the number of individual..

Online financial pace Quickens

January 14, 2008

Quick: What's the balance in your checking account? And how much more could you charge on your credit card before getting hit with an over-limit fee? And by the way, how much did you spend on clothing or entertainment last year? And what bills should you pay in the next few days to avoid late..



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