Ask Terry Questions 529 plan BrightStart in Illinois

529 plan BrightStart in Illinois

By Terry Savage on December 18, 2019 | College Savings / Student Loans

My son and daughter in law are looking for 529 plan for their son, our 1 year old grandson. Illinois residents. Is bright start a good choice? We were also looking at Utah, and Ohio. I remember in 2014 it was not a choice. Also, should they choose conservative, progressive, or mid-point investment? Thank you…

Terry Says

Illinois Brightstart plan is now highly rated by Morningstar, not as highly by I am researching that discrepancy and will write about it. But I see no reason not to use the Illinois plan and get the Illinois tax deduction. As I write this, we are at all-time market highs. I’m so conservative, that even though this is a baby, I would look at the “mid-point” more conservative investment choice!
Do it yourself, though, not through a broker or financial planner (which can add to the costs). Just go to

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